Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We were walking up that Mt Maunganui that Angela mentioned in her blog yesterday and there was this guy running right by us. I intuitively knew that he did this quite often. I yelled out, "How many times a week do you run this mountain?!" He said, "Once a day!" I told Angela that he has got to be on a consistent diet. If he wasn't, it would be much more difficult for him to do this monumental task each and every day. When someone is out of balance, and overeats for example, they are going to compensate for that. Within the next day or two, they may lack energy from eating too much or they may be heavily detoxing that extra food a couple days later, which in turn means they may not want to run up that mountain. Consistency is so important. This man running up the mountain seemed to be EXTREMELY healthy on a cooked food diet.

What a consistent diet means to me is eating the same kinds and quantities of foods each day; a consistent rhythm of any type of food, even cooked food. The diet doesn't have to consist of the same exact foods in each daily meal, but about the same quantities and proportions of the common foods a person normally eats. For example, when I ate the Standard American Diet every day, I was eating three meals a day, of almost always the same thing. I may vary up a tuna fish sandwich for a chicken sandwich, but it was the same amount of food.

For the majority, it is immensely easier to be consistent on an Intermediate Wholefood Healthy Cooked Food diet, compared to a 100% Raw Food Diet. I know of many people who are doing much better on this type of intermediate diet than a 100% Raw Diet. In my own experience, I had no problem being consistent (in balance) when I was eating cooked food. It totally satiated me, with no desire for more food. I got along well and exercised every day. Then I went 100% Raw! A great portion of my book Raw Spirit, goes into great detail about how when I became raw, eating wasn't so mindless anymore and how I was confused on all levels of my being. It is not easy to go from a balanced cooked food diet and then be balanced on a 100% Raw Food Diet. Massive confusion will most likely take place and it may take years to understand and succeed.

The MAJORITY of Raw Food Eaters that I have met are out of balance. They are eating all day long and throwing one meal on top of another without complete digestion. This is a sign of imbalance, an inconsistent diet.

No doubt!, the 100% Raw Food Diet is the optimal diet for the human organism... IF... you are doing it appropriately. There is so much hype about the 100% Raw Food Diet. One reason is that all these young people go on the 100% Raw Food diet and are healing from degenerative diseases. They do amazing at first. What you don't see, is the people that are not doing well on the 100% Raw Food Diet. As you likely know, my mentor Dr. Fred Bisci has been on a 100% Raw Food Diet successfully for over 40 years. He just got a patient recently who eats a 100% Raw Food Diet and developed cancer. Another person came to me and told me that they got Leaky Gut on a 100% Raw Food diet. I meet many people who are running into health issues in the long-run on a Raw Diet. These situations can be remedied, but it makes you think.

Where are all the Raw Food Eaters breaking the century mark? Are there any? They do well at first but as the years go by, it seems that gap closes and everyone seems to be dying at the same age, raw or not. I do believe that we have the ability to live WAYYYY past the century mark on a 100% Raw Food Diet if done appropriately. In my opinion, the key is to develop responsibility (consistency) as the years go by on the 100% Raw Food diet, make sure you are covering all grounds by getting assimilable nutrients, make sure you are cleansing and keeping up with the CONTINUAL outpouring of endogenous material that is being excreted on a cellular level & exogenous poisions from outside factors such as environmental toxins, and learn the information needed to get an understanding of how this all works.
My book Raw Success, goes into great detail about all this.

I don't mean to get heavy here, sometimes I just go a bit !!!NUTS!!! when an amazing person comes to me and tells me they are running into problems.

On another note, If you have looked at previous blog posts of mine, you will know that I practically eat the same thing everyday. The number one reason why people wanted me to keep documenting my meals was because it gives them ideas of meals they can make for themselves. Whenever I do a meal that is not something I generally do, which is pretty rare, then I will post it here. Yesterday I ate this meal.

6.5 oz of Dried Mulberries
1/2 large banana
175 grams of blueberries
All blended into a wet paste
1.5 oz of Dried mulberries left to soak in that paste
Handful of blueberries swirled in

I generally just soak 6.5oz of mulberries in just enough water to top it off and then blend that with hemp seeds or tahini and swirl in more dried mulberries to soak in this mixture for a while so they get soft. We've been wanting to try it without any fat, so I created the above and it was GREAT.

In my opinion, these dried mulberries are the best tasting dried fruit out there. They taste like caramel! And... they are lower glycemic compared to figs.

If you look at my past posts, generally I eat twice a day. One of my meals generally consists of nut butter, mixed with sprouts/veggies, plus around 4 - 6 tomatoes. The tomatoes give me bulk, which emotionally satsifies me. Tomatoes are great and nutritious but I feel it is not OPTIMAL to eat these quantities EVERY DAY. At some point, I am sure that the nmber of tomatoes I eat will diminish. No rush though. I am too emotionally attached right now to it. It may take a couple of years, but I'll get there.

My mom sent me an email a couple of days ago asking what I thought about this "new diet" by Dr. Perricone. He is a "good looking" older Doctor dressed in a suit, next to his microscope, who claims to get all these results from his program, which includes his ground-breaking diet and supplements... and of course, he has all the scientific information to support this. YES! He is getting results. This is not Rocket Science here. All these diets are the same - the Zone Diet, Macrobiotics, South Beach and this new one. Just like the others, Dr. Perricone leaves out the Refined Sugars, Processed Starches, Red Meat, and Pasteurized Cows' products, and then you can spend all this money on his supplements. It is the diet that does it! All you need to do is eliminate those foods and you are going to heal. Anyone can dress in a suit, put people on this diet (with slight variations) and sell you their supplements. No one food supplement will heal anyone. The body has God-given remedial capabilities to heal itself, once you eliminate the cause of dis-ease, which includes: Refined Sugars, Processed Starches, Red Meat, and Pasteurized Dairy.
Raw Spirit, has Dr. Fred Bisci's Intermediate wholefood healing diet in it. Dr. Perricone, if you read this, please don't take it the wrong way. I think you are doing great for a lot of people who follow you. Many people are healing. KEEP IT UP!

This is a picture of my Mom and Art, my step-dad of around 15 years. Everyone who sees my mom and I together thinks that I am a spitting image of her. What do you think?

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